The Best Material for Wigs for Black Women

All women want to be at their best in terms of appearance and confidence, and when their hair is not good, they do not feel either of these. This is where wigs come in. Despite their value in boosting a woman’s beauty, choosing hair wigs for black women can be very tedious. This is because there are numerous different kinds of wigs in the market.

When looking for the best wig, one has to decide whether they are going for a curly, wavy or a straight look. It goes further than this, however. Which material is the best? Texture? Colour? How about length?

When it comes to material, there are various options to choose from. Material is perhaps the most critical factor to consider when choosing wigs for black women. This is because the material affects the durability and overall look of a woman. Here are some material considerations to make when deciding which wig material is the best for black women:

Human Hair Wigs For Black Women

This material gives the most natural look and feel. It also has the most styling versatility but requires more care and styling. While human hair wigs are generally more expensive, they last much longer, over a year, unlike synthetic alternatives. Heat tools can also be used on human hair wigs to change the style when women get bored of how their hair is styled on a daily.

Virgin Hair Wigs

It is the highest quality human hair and can last over a year with proper care. This hair has not been permed, bleached or dyed. It also gives more styling options for everyday wear, since one can choose from plain simple ones to refined styles for events. Due to the incredible quality and purity, virgin hair is the most expensive hair wig type on the market.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

This material imitates the look and feel of human hair but has limited styling versatility. It requires little maintenance, is less durable than human hair and also less expensive, making it a more affordable option. Synthetic wigs come in the widest array of colours, both natural and ‘fantasy’ hues. Any kind of heat should not be used on synthetic wigs as it causes permanent damage to the hair fibres.

Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair Wigs

It is an improvement in the quality of synthetic hair. Being heat friendly, it offers more styling versatility due to resilient construction. Heat friendly synthetic hair wigs have style retention and are generally less expensive than human hair but more expensive than traditional synthetic wigs. Women who frequently restyle their wigs benefit a lot from heat-friendly synthetic hair since they break the permanently frizzy look. These wigs, however, have the shortest lifespan, usually two to three months.

Parting Shot

Whichever material a black woman opts for their wig, proper maintenance should be observed. First, they should be gentle when combing it, condition the hair every couple weeks or so to keep it soft and shiny and finally, should never use a shampoo or conditioner meant for natural hair. The secret to a beautiful looking wig for a black woman is taking proper care of it.

If a woman’s goal is to wear their wig for more than a year, human hair wigs are the best option because they have higher quality texture and are durable!


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