Choosing The Best Human Hair Wigs

Most girls want long voluminous hair. Unfortunately, due to genes, illnesses, and many other reasons, most girls cannot have their dream hair naturally. Thanks to creativity and innovation, the human hair wig was invented. Human hair wigs are the ultimate solution to a stunning natural look, and more so, can be used for bad hair days, thinning hair, and just as an alternative to spice up the look.

Despite adding a lot of confidence to every woman’s walk, choosing the right wig can be quite tedious. There are all kinds of styles, lengths, colors, name it! How does someone choose the right human hair wig for them? Which one is the best for work? A party? A simple day at the park?

Choosing the Best Human Hair Wig:

To get the best wigs in the market, here are some critical things to consider:


For a natural look, the wig selected should be made of 100% remy hair. This means that each strand is collected from real hair donators and sewed individually on a lace cap, facing in the same direction. Since it is natural, it should neither tangle nor shed. Additionally, the front section of the lace wig should be hand-tied, and all intricate details of the process should be followed for strength and flawless workmanship.

Good material guarantees durability. Based on the quality, human hair wigs will generally be ranked as 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A grades, with 10A being the highest quality. Sometimes the lower grade wigs have different hair bundles intermixed with the human hair, therefore they are cheaper. If this is the preferred option, the material should be inspected for uniformity.

Wig Cap Size

Just like clothing, the better fitting the capsize is, the better it looks. Capsize also plays a huge role in giving a natural look. Loose capsizes could easily cause embarrassment after falling off, and tight caps could be extremely uncomfortable and cause never-ending headaches. The capsize should be considered, and based on the size of the head, the perfect size chosen. Some manufacturers also customize the capsize. In general, available sizes include:

  • Large: 22.75-23 Inch
  • Medium: 22-22.5 Inch
  • Small: 21-21.5 Inch

Desired Style

The perfect style differs for different people. In some, it may be a wig with a fringe, others without, short, long, bob, colored, wavy, straight, name it! The best style depends on a person’s face and the target use of the wig. A wig for work, especially in the corporate industry, will look formal and have mainstream hair colors while one for a party could be colored and exceedingly long.

Here are some of the best Kinds of Natural-Looking Human Hair Wigs in the market.

  • Sexy curly wigs- Perfect for a casual look.
  • Blonde Human hair lace fronts wigs- Stunning, and would suit an event.
  • Pink/Green/Red-colored short or long wigs- Best for busty summer afternoons.
  • Pretty natural straight or water wave wigs- For an everyday look.
  • Short bob- Official look.

There are many other options that differ in color, style, texture, and many other qualities. With this, anyone can get it right!

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